About Us

RST Suspension and Resurrection have been working hard to bring a hand-picked range of products to the UK.  RST have a vast catalogue, so product manager Scott has taken a critical view of the range to bring the most useful models to the UK's riders.


We're aiming to cater for the whole biking community.  It doesn't matter if you're a casual railway path rider, a hardcore commuter, a round the world adventurer or a dedicated mountain bike enthusiast, RST has a product you should take a look at.


Product prices have skyrocketed in the last few years, especially from widely known brands considered to be premium in the sector.  RST bring products that are far better value to the table, giving un-compromised performance alongside excellent quality.


You may not have heard of RST, but they have been manufacturing bike components for nearly 60 years, with 30 years dedicated to suspension forks.   Their presence in the UK has been limited in the past as they've focused on their efforts in the USA, Asia and Continental Europe.  


At Resurrection we believe the UK is missing out.  Our aim is to rectify that.